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Professional conservator. Working in museums and excavations since 2015. I am interested in bringing conservation closer to the general public. Use this website to see some of the objects I’ve worked on, read some articles on conservation issues, and find information on courses and services I can offer.

What I Do

Take a course or contact me for more information on conservation

The Home Collection Game course

Course on the basics of preventive conservation, so you can keep your home collection safe.

Crochet Foundations course

Course on the basics to start you off crocheting. Conservators require a lot of hand-eye coordination and crafting skills. Hobbies like crochet, knitting, book-binding, etc. are fun and useful!

Conservation consultation

Set up a free 30min Zoom to ask about conservation issues you may be having.

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Did you know...?

Understanding sensor calibration

Understanding sensor calibration

You send off your environmental monitoring sensors to be calibrated, then you get them back and store away the certificates. Did you know might be doing this completely wrong? Find out what you're supposed to do with those reports!

DIY sticky traps

DIY sticky traps

You want to run your own Integrated Pest Management Programme, but you're short on cash for sticky traps. Make your own!