A small note on equitable fees

I have decided to mirror my pilot fee structure just like the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works. As someone who started in Peru, studied in the UK, worked for a US company and now lives in Canada, I am happy to provide international services for everyone I can.

I will offer 25% discounts for requests from Band 2 countries and 50% for Bands 3-4 countries based on this UNESCO list. I will also offer 50% for emerging professional and student organisations. These discounts are not stackable. Discounted event participation will be subject to personal availability.

A few pro-bono presentations are available on a first-come first-serve basis with preference given to groups located in Bands 3-4, especially in Latin America.

Online presentations

  • Participation in a 5+ person panel: $30 USD/hour
  • Participation in a 2–4 person panel: $50 USD/hour
  • Individual presentation: $120 USD/hour

Personal consultations

I am available to give out personal consultations on preventive care, communications and outreach in museums, as well as basic digital marketing skills for museum professionals for $50 USD/hour.

Short courses

  • Short courses are available for basic preventive care, introduction to conservation, communications and outreach and basic digital marketing skills for museum professionals.
  • Courses will range from 2–5 sessions and will range from 4–12 participants.
  • Courses will be offered based on sign-ups.
  • Contact for pricing information or to create a bespoke curriculum.


All services can be provided in English or Spanish.

Important note: I am not currently able to provide services to any Canadian institutions or persons, or foreign institutions or persons with official residences or headquarters in Canada. I will update this information as soon as this changes.

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